Friday, September 12, 2008

CTF on CBC Sunday Morning: Arts Funding

Kevin Gaudet, Ontario Director for the CTF, will be on CBC radio Sunday Morning in the first hour Sunday Sept. 14th hosted by Michael Enright. The topic is the Harper government's alleged 'cuts to the arts'.

Kevin is on with Karen Kain, former head of the Canada Council and renowned ballerina; Dr. Fleck Ph.D in Bus Admin, former CEO, and major philanthropist; and Stanley Paen, a Quebec author.

Kevin argues 1. that arts funding has gone up under the Harper Tories and
2. if taxes were lower, then individuals, families and businesses would have greater discretionary income to choose themselves whether to support the arts and, if so, to whom they would give the money, instead of government and artocrats doing it for them.

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Steve said...

Kevin, your points sound reasonable to me. Good luck.

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