Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wanuskewin and taxpayers deserve better

The Wanuskewin Heritage Park in Saskatoon was meant to be a showcase for the culture and history of the Plains Cree. But in a letter to the Star-Phoenix, Colin Butler says it should be shut down until it's rejuvenated into something worth going to. His closing comments follow:

Politically incorrect as it may be, the taxpayers' dollars finding expression in Wanuskewin (the current project has an overall cost of $10.2 million) should not be returned to the previous management of this heritage site. Let's learn from experience, and provide accountability, professionalism and competence. The best predictor of future outcomes is past behaviour.

From a world-class site, receiving international approbation and patronage, to the decrepit and embarrassing facility it became, is not a journey to be repeated.

Wanuskewin deserves better -- and so do taxpayers.

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