Monday, August 25, 2008

Ontraio Municipal Infrastrcture Cash

Premier McGuinty today announced he will hand out another $1.1 billion for municipal infrastructure. This money comes from the $1.7 billion surplus the government ran. While it is good to see tax dollars going to useful projects, the extra cash means the govenment over-taxed Ontarions by a lot last year.

Cities should not have to go begging for cash out of year-end suprluses. Surpluses shouldn't exist. They should be reduced through tax relief. A Gas Tax Accountability Act would, by law, give cities 100% of gas tax revenue in the province. Currently only about half of gas taxes collected goes to cities. The rest goes to fund government pet projects.

So, the Premier should enact the law guaranteeing this money every year. Spend more on what people do want - roads; and spend less on what they don't want - waste.

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