Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Edmonton Arena Reports

A few months ago, the City of Edmonton released a report on the potential for a new NHL arena in Edmonton. Among other things, it called for a new tax (disguised as a Community Revitalization Levy) to be implemented to pay off the loan for a new arena.

I've talked about the CRL in the past, and so have others.

In doing research for the report, the Mayor's committee paid HOK Sport, CS&L, and Dr. Mark Rosentraub to write reports for them.

They released the Rosentraub report, and it can be found HERE, but they never released the HOK Sport report nor the CS&L report.

The claim was that it contained proprietary information about locations and the financials of the Edmonton Oilers.

Fair enough when it comes to the location, land speculators would love to see the potential areas where an arena might go, but it's not that hard to figure out a few of them (hint: just look at large parking lots or empty fields near Edmonton's downtown).

But if taxpayers are being asked to build an arena for the Oilers, they should be able to see their financials to see if they are actually the paupers they claim to be. Clearly their new owner won't be able to hide his wealth quite as well.

Just for fun, I decided to FOIP the City of Edmonton for copies of these reports, as well as any draft copies of the final report.

I got back a heavily redacted copy of the HOK Sport report, a fairly intact copy of the CS&L report and 12 drafts of the final report.

Our news release and 3 of the drafts can be found on-line HERE.

And for your reading pleasure, the HOK Sport report is HERE, and the CS&L report is HERE. (I've taken the liberty of converting them to searchable pdf files, so they are a bit larger than normal, but still an interesting read.)

I'd recommend any serious NHL fan give the CS&L report a read. It's quite fascinating.


mike w said...

Fantasic. A FOIP! Why didn't I think of that?

Good stuff.

Scott Hennig said...

Thanks Mike.

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