Friday, August 01, 2008

CBC and CRTC Staff Suffer From Bureaucratitis

Two studies out this week are said to reveal high levels of job-related stress at two of Canadian taxpayer funded organizations, first the CRTC now the CBC. What the studies really reveal is how much change is needed in the public sector. Less coddling and more private-sector initiatives.

Too few over-paid under-worked bureaucrats have any appreciation of what it is like to work in the private sector. They suffer from a sense of entitlement acting like a bunch of spoiled children. They enjoy high pay; gold-plated pensions; job security; tonnes of vacation days, sick days, personal days; and, training and travel on the public dime. Very few private sector workers enjoy any of these benefits let alone all of them.

In the private sector workers must perform against targets, worry about job security and few enjoy any pension at all. Bureaucrats need to get over themselves. Management should help them by imposing private sector pay, perks, pensions, and performance measurements. Maybe then they would appreciate just how cushy they have it.

Here is what the stories are reporting about how the 'crats are whining about how bad they have it. According to today's Ottawa Sun, almost half of CBC's 10,000 employees suffer from "high levels" of psychological distress related to their working conditions, according to a 2005 "wellness" survey of 4,630 staff obtained through the Access to Information Act.

Yesterday, it was reported that nearly six in 10 employees of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) say they're thinking of quitting their jobs within five years.

One in seven also says discrimination has adversely affected their career progression at the broadcast regulator.

Enough whining already, get over it and realize how good they have it. If they don't like it, they can quit and see how easy it is in the private sector.

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