Friday, August 08, 2008

Artists Won't Travel on Taxpayer Dime

...reports the Ottawa Citizen.

The Conservatives are cancelling the $4.7-million PromArt program, administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, because most of the money "went to groups that would raise the eyebrows of any typical Canadian," said a government official, speaking on condition of anonymity...

The recipients singled out by the Conservatives include:

- $3,000 to Toronto-based experimental rock band Holy F--k for a week-long tour of the United Kingdom.

- $5,000 to former CBC broadcaster Avi Lewis, who now works for Arab television network al-Jazeera and who is described in a Conservative memo as "a general radical," to help pay for his travel to film festivals in Australia and Argentina.

- $16,500 to send Tal Bachman, a best-selling recording artist and the son of The Guess Who's Randy Bachman, to South Africa and Zimbabwe for music festivals.
Comedian Andy Jones got $11,000 to tour Australia, The Gryphon Trio received $13,200 to travel and play in the U.K., and three Quebec dance groups received a combined $500,000 to help them travel through the U.S., Asia, and Europe.

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firethemall said...

Need a little more of these cuts.
No we need alot more of these cuts.

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