Friday, July 11, 2008

Toronto Star Endorses CTF Position Re: New Ontario Recycling Tax

The lead editorial in today's Toronto Star echoed the CTF position, expressing concern that the new Ontario electronics recycling program established yesterday includes no incentives to recycle.

It writes, "where's the incentive for the consumer to take an old computer or TV to a drop-off location? Why not institute a deposit/return system, with part of the new fee being refunded for each computer or TV brought back? In the beer sector, a deposit/return system spurs recycling of more than 90 per cent of bottles and cans."

This is exactly the position the CTF took during the consultation process and again last week at a press conference. The CTF was the only organization to make this argument followed by the Ontario Electronic Resource Recovery Alliance (OERRA)after the CTF met with them.

Good for the Star for taking a page out of the CTF playbook. Too bad they don't give credit where it is due. But if it advances the policy cause all the better.

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