Monday, July 07, 2008

Sask Crown Execs get big raises

The Leader-Post reports big pay hikes for the heads of Saskatchewan Crowns.

SaskTel president and CEO Robert Watson was among those at the highest-paid end of the list, with 2007 remuneration of $295,051 -- about $61,000 more than in 2006, based on data released by the government Monday.

In addition, Watson received a $45,811 incentive in early 2008 -- the highest amount among the 48 executives who received such a bonus based on their work in 2007....
Remuneration and incentives to some other Crown presidents and CEOs were as follows for 2007, based on the documents:

- $269,830 (compared to remuneration in 2006 of $229,675) for SaskEnergy's Doug Kelln, plus a short-term incentive of $40,171;

- $262,080 ($226,531 in 2006) for Pat Youzwa at SaskPower, plus an incentive of $31,208;

- $271,762 ($238,047 in 2006) to Jon Schubert of SGI, and a $41,690 incentive;

- $242,378 to Ron Styles at CIC, and an incentive of $30,191.
Want to know more about salaries and 3rd party payments from Saskatchewan Crown Corporations? Just click here.

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