Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Roughriders only beneficiaries of bigger home

The City of Regina's recent 2020 Recreation report acknowledged (p.50 on .pdf) that expanding Mosaic Stadium won't facilitate any cultural or recreational benefits.

The need for additional sports stadium capacity (i.e. large numbers of spectators under covered grandstands at major sports events) was identified by the University of Regina, and, late in the process as the report was being prepared, by the Saskatchewan Rough Rider Football Club. The former wanted a new smaller stadium for high school and amateur football events and the latter was interested in exploring the need for a major enhancement to Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field. While some minor upgrading of some support spaces at Taylor Field may be justified to improve the quality of the athlete and spectator experience at sports events, major investments in either the existing large stadium or a new smaller stadium are not likely to have any significant payback to the City in terms of meeting recreation needs. The new smaller stadium is more likely to move some events from Taylor Field than it is likely to generate more activity. The major investments at Taylor Field are not likely to generate many additional new events at that site that could result in indirect benefits to all Regina citizens. The consultants cannot support either at this time and would be concerned that either would divert limited available capital from real community recreation needs and limit the City’s ability to meet them.

The authors added that economic development is the only argument that could be made in favor of the stadium. As the CTF has already noted, this is dubious.

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