Monday, July 14, 2008

Green Shift about wealth, not environment

Ken Boshcoff, Liberal MP for Thunder Bay-Rainy River, told it like it is.

Failing to say much about any environmental benefits of the plan, Boshcoff proudly proclaimed on a political news blog that the Green Shift is the "most aggressive anti-poverty program in 40 years," which will target wealthy provinces -- particularly Alberta.

"The shift will transfer wealth from rich to poor, from the oilpatch to the rest of the country, and from the coffers of big business to the pockets of low-income Canadians," he said in a post on

The MP explains in his post that the $15 billion in revenues will be used to pay for Liberal party social policies, including $9 billion in tax cuts for low-income earners and $2.9 billion for a universal child tax benefit.
The Liberals have already admitted that 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from Alberta and Saskatchewan. This would mean $6 billion of carbon taxes. Even if the "revenue neutral" argument is taken at face value, these provinces have about 13.5% of the population, meaning the rebates woudl total only $2 billion. Therefore, the Liberal plan would drain a net $4 billion from Alberta and Saskatchewan and give it to the rest of the country. The biggest environmental impact here is the recycling of the National Energy Program.

Boshkoff tried to explain himself on the Charles Adler show on Friday July 11 (listen here) and on John Gormley Live in Saskatchewan (listen here). Gormley grilled Stephane Dion on this issue.


Cory D. Schreyer said...

Mr. Dion had previously used the term "milk cow". This latest development just confirms what we already new - that the Liberal party wants to profit from the oil patch rather than shut it down.

Scotty said...

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