Monday, July 14, 2008

Feds spend $3 billion in 3 weeks

Call it the summer break spending spree. Since Parliament shut down for the summer, the federal Conservatives have been making one high-spending announcement after another--$3 billion in 24 days!
The list:
-$867 million to Nova Scotia to keep energy royalties instead of transferring them to Ottawa
-$1.1 billion in 31 different announcements in Quebec
-$360 million through 27 announcements in Ontario
-And, in Alberta and Saskatchewan where Conservatives have all but one seat...25 announcements totalling $62 million.

Notwithstanding the federal government's $80 million contribution to a bridge in Saskatoon June 20, even mainstream media outlets see recent announcements as vote-buying.

An analysis by Canwest News Service shows the bulk of these spending announcements have been made in regions and ridings where the Conservatives need to win new seats to gain a majority. But in those areas of the country that are already bedrocks of Conservative support, such as Alberta or Saskatchewan, the money is barely trickling in.

As the CanWest article ironically explains, it was actually balanced budgets that destroyed federal penny-pinching.

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