Monday, July 28, 2008

Canadian Taxpayer Rage

Even the picture caption notes the anger: "Gilbert Murphy, left, rides his wagon through Williams Lake, B.C., June 21, while Charlie Wyse, NDP MLA for Cariboo South rides alongside. 'Politicians aren't doing anything for us up here. We don't want any of 'em involved in this. They're so full of bullsh*t.,' said Murphy."

Yes, nationwide taxpayer rage was cited in newspapers across the country.

Pent-up anger unites our land
Poll finds a frustrated Canadian majority

Richard Foot
Canwest News Service
Monday, July 28, 2008

Gilbert Murphy could take it no more. The price of diesel had topped $1.40 a litre, and he knew it would get more expensive a week later thanks to British Columbia's incoming carbon tax.

Murphy was mad. The 74-year-old horse rancher and former oil rig worker couldn't understand how gas prices could climb so high, so fast, in a country so rich in oil.

"But I figured I can't bitch about it if I don't do something," he says.

So on June 21, he and a posse of irate neighbours near Williams Lake, B.C. hitched up their horses - six wagon teams and 24 outriders in all - and marched 32 kilometres down the highway into town and back, to protest the rising price of fuel.

"We're going back to the old ways," the horsemen hollered. The protest parade slowed traffic on the road, but only one passing motorist gave them the finger, says Murphy. Everyone else "honked their horns in support and cheered us on."

A homemade sign on one of the wagons said: "Born free. Taxed to death."

Taxes, gas prices, lousy airline service and ticket surcharges, text messaging fees - even Tibet - you name it, Canadians are angry about it.

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