Thursday, June 19, 2008

Which Came First, The SHIFT or the SHAFT?

What am I talking about? On Thursday, June 19, the Liberal Party of Canada released its long anticipated "Green Tax Shift." The plan calls for a carbon tax that will affect all Canadians through higher heating, electricity, and natural gas bills, etc. It will also raise the price of diesel.

To alleviate the pain this will cause, the plan calls for reductions in income taxes and the cutting of cheques to lower-income Canadians. That is the plan in a nutshell, hence tax SHIFTING. The plan is being touted as "revenue neutral" meaning the government won't be taking in any extra dollars as a result. (Heard that before? Think GST).

The Liberal Party of Canada has released a website to explain the plan called "" You can check it out here.

Here are the details about who registered that website:

"THEGREENSHIFT.CA" is registered.
Domain Name:
Registered: 2008/06/09
Registrant: Liberal Party of Canaada
Mike Girardin
613-783-8402 FAX 613-783-8444

And now for the SHAFT. Strangely enough, another domain name was recently registered called ""

Who registered this domain you ask? Check out below:

"THEGREENSHAFT.CA" is registered.
Domain Name:
Registered: 2008/06/16
Registrant: Parsons and Miron
Adam Miron

A quick internet search (Thank-you Al Gore) of the name "Adam Miron" reveals he is the National Director of the Young Liberals of Canada.

It was registered only 3 days ago. Is this evidence of a hidden agenda? Could the Liberals really be selling their plan as a SHIFT when they know full well it's a SHAFT?

Or do they simply realize that Canadians will rightly see through this plan and want to ensure no blogger from their mom's basement sets up a website that shows this is in reality a "green shaft??" You be the judge.

But since we now know that was registered 7 days before, we conclude that indeed, the SHIFT came before the SHAFT.

But rest assured, the SHAFT is coming...


nbt said...

Shows you how paranoid and defensive the Tories have made the Dion Liberals. Which is good for Harper, because as the Toronto Maple Leafs have shown us, you can't have a decent offense when you're always on defense.

CannuckMamay said...

Interestingly enough, has also been registered by Parsons and Miron. So either the Libs are going launch a country-wide plan to compost Canada Goose droppings, or they know Dion's plan really stinks.

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