Thursday, June 26, 2008

Solomon's Wisdom on Global Warming

Lawrence Solomon, anti-nuclear environmentalist and co-founder of Energy Probe, is also author of "The Deniers: The world-renowned scientists who stood up against global warming hysteria, political persecution, and fraud". As he tours the country with the help of the Frontier Centre, he's causing a stir, and presenting an unfamiliar message to most ears. This is in spite of his well-known "Deniers" series in the National Post, of which many articles can still be found at the CTF website.

The main points:
-The 2500 scientists the IPCC claimed supported climate change were actually just the number who reviewed the materials. Of these, many actually told the IPCC that carbon-induced global warming was NOT what was happening.
-Carbon is great plant fertilizer. As well, rising temperatures release carbon from oceans. Carbon dioxide is the byproduct, not the cause, of global warming.
-Temperatures have risen a half degree in the last century, but that's no different from the previous two. We're simply emerging from the "Little Ice Age."
-Temperatures are also rising on Mars and Jupiter. Any SUVs there?
-Scientists on record as opposing the false consensus on global warming are among the most prestigious in the world--not fringe quacks on the pay of oil companies.

Solomon says that Kyoto has actually led to more environmental degradation than anything else. Current third world dam projects are only viable because of carbon trading schemes. Meanwhile these projects are destroying agricultural land. Others are destroying old growth forest for better carbon-capturing plants or converting food crops to ethanol production. Closer to home, he says carbon taxes led to the words "fuel poverty" common in Europe and would have the same effect here.

Hear the audio of Solomon talking and taking calls on the John Gormley radio show here.

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