Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sask Gov: I just wanna fly

When it comes to using government aircraft, Saskatchewan's new government hasn't changed any policies. However, the numbers for fiscal 2007 are somewhat more favorable for the Sask Party, who have only been in power since November 2007, than for their NDP predecessors.

Premier Brad Wall flew 31 times at a cost of $21,877, including a trip to the Grey Cup, while former NDP Premier Lorne Calvert flew 19 times for $24,053.

Total cost for the 24 members who served at various times in the NDP cabinet - there was a May cabinet shuffle - was $431,290 for 564 flights on Executive Air Services' three planes and charters through private operators. The 18 members of the Sask. Party cabinet took 181 flights at a cost of $95,406.

Dan D'Autremont, the Sask. Party minister of government services, said there has been no conscious decision to curtail the use of the planes by the new government.

"It was left up to the discretion of every minister, that they should consider the costs and whether or not the flight was necessary," he said in an interview.


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No integrity among politicians.

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