Monday, June 02, 2008

Ontario Cap-And-Trade: Just Another Tax

Ontario and Quebec Premiers McGuinty and Charest have announced plans to hammer taxpayers and consumers with a new tax - a carbon tax in the form of a cap-and-trade on carbon emissions.

Cap-and-trade is just another tax grab in a more complicated form. Such a system has been in place in Europe. All it has managed to do is increase energy costs, drive away jobs. It the meantime carbon emission levels haven't changed.

Now a struggling Ontario economy is facing an uncertain level of new costs, all in the name of 'protecting Mother Earth'.

Ontarions will have about a year to head this off at the pass.


Christopher said...

I find the environmental movement very dangerous and people think I'm being melodramatic.

Save the poor and save the environment. Pick one, you can't have both.

nbt said...

You're right Kevin, cap-and-trade is more like tax-and-spend.

Steve Foster said...

"Save the poor and save the environment. Pick one, you can't have both." That's ignorant. What happened with the ozone layer legislation? Did everyone lose their jobs?

And why shouldn't companies that pollute pay more?

And you're wrong about carbon emissions saying the same in Europe. It's a complicated model, but in many advanced countries like Sweden and Norway, emissions have gone down since it is more cost effective for them to do so at present.

And the reason for a struggling economy? It's high energy prices, which as you know are tied directly to supply and demand of fossil fuels. So, if we relied less on fossil fuels and more on renewable energies, everyone would win.

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