Friday, June 27, 2008

Dion says carbon tax hardest for Alberta & Saskatchewan

So says the Globe and Mail:

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion says 40 per cent of Canada's carbon emissions come from Alberta and Saskatchewan and the two western provinces will have to do the most to change their habits under his new green plan. But he said it will be good for them - and he's taking that message to the Calgary Stampede next weekend.

"If we do this plan, Alberta and Saskatchewan will be better off 10 years from now than if we don't do this plan," Mr. Dion said. "Their economies will be more diversified, their universities will be at the centre of something big happening around the world, and investments will grow."

He later added, "To do the right thing will be beneficial for them...I care about Alberta and Saskatchewan. I know many people who want to do the right thing. Many will know that it will create jobs there - green jobs."

Dion is not concerned that western alienation will increase because of the carbon tax. Yet, he does say that without a carbon tax, "Canada will be a lagger. Canada will be boycotted. Canada will be a free rider of climate change, and the world will not be nice to free riders of climate change."

Mr. Dion had a tough time convincing a Saskatchewan radio host of the benefits of the plan this morning (June 27).


Christopher said...

some people try to convince me that terrorism is the biggest threat to our country.

I don't think so. It's this unscientific environmentalist hysteria.

Maureen Bader said...

Maybe the federal liberals don't need the western vote ?

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