Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Carbon Tax Backlash

The political battle lines have been drawn. Conservatives, the NDP, unions, the working poor, businesspeople, and consumers irate about gas prices face the Liberals, Green Party, and a large segment of environmentalists. The issue? Carbon taxes. According to the Vancouver Sun, BC Premier Gordon Campbell, whose carbon tax will increase gas prices by 2.4 cents per litre may face "collateral damage" from the federal fight on this issue.

Federal Conservative party strategists are preparing a national campaign of attack ads aimed at federal Liberal leader Stephane Dion's plan to hit Canadians with a $15-billion carbon tax. Republican attack-ad master Karl Rove couldn't have done better.

Now under development in the Tory inner sanctum and expected soon to hit the national airwaves, the ads won't explicitly name B.C.'s premier. But they are going to hurt him. Every British Columbian will quickly understand that Canada's political pioneer on the carbon tax isn't the federal Liberal leader, it's B.C.'s very own green premier.
The site, run by the Conservatives, gives a glimpse of what is soon to come.

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