Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Saskatchewan to elect senators

The Saskatchewan government wants to have its federal senators elected.

A draft of the Saskatchewan Senate legislation has been created and [Justice Minister Don] Morgan said discussions are underway with the federal government about its willingness to appoint Saskatchewan senators from a list of elected people.

"The way the [law] works right now, to have an elected Senate by the federal government would require a constitutional amendment," said Morgan.

"No one is keen on doing a constitutional amendment at this point in time, so what we would like to do is have our legislation sort of dovetail with what they're doing so that we have a list of people that the prime minister is willing to pick from when we have Senate vacancies."

For its part, the opposition NDP said it wants the senate abolished.

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Cory said...

There is no good reason why Saskatchewan and Manitoba can't have elected Senators in the near future. Each of these provinces would have six seats under either the existing formula or the Triple-E model. Let's get those provincial and territorial dominoes falling before the country's sesquicentennial.

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