Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ontario Carbon Is Coming Confirm McGuinty Brothers

The CTF has been calling for Dalton McGuinty to make it clear where he stands on a carbon tax, especially at at time that his brother David McGuinty - federal Liberal environment critic - is pushing one with Stephane Dion. Now we know a little more. Dalton McGuinty wants one. Ontarions just don't know when or how the carbon tax will be implemented.

Yesterday Premier McGuinty said he prefers a cap-and-trade system first. FIRST! This raises the possibility of both.

As well, a cap-and-trade system is a carbon tax under a different guise and a different can dress up a pig in lipstick and tights but it is still a pig.

Dalton's statement raises important questions and his brother makes this obvious when he is quoted saying, "I think what the premier's said is, 'Look, given the here and now of the specificity of the Ontario economy, and how we would like to go forward in pricing carbon, we would rather go with a cap-and-trade system first,"' he said.

"But I doubt very much the premier's ruling out the notion of a carbon tax shift."

There you have it from his brother. Carbon taxes are on their way in Ontario. The only questions are when and how.

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