Monday, May 26, 2008

Mintz to Feds: Stop Penalizing One-Income Families

Jack Mintz is proposing income tax changes that, apparently, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty supports, but Prime Minister Harper does not.

"The appropriate unit to tax is a family rather than an individual," said Jack Mintz, professor of public policy at the University of Calgary. He is speaking this afternoon in Parliament's West Block, flown in by the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada.

Picking an Ontario example, Mr. Mintz said a family with one breadwinner, earning $70,000 a year, pays about $4,000 more in federal and provincial income tax than a family where both parents work and each earns $35,000...

Ottawa would forgo about $4-billion in income with this policy change, estimates John Williamson, national director at the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation. But given that Ottawa projects a $10.2-billion surplus this year, it can afford income-splitting, he argued.

"Approximately 20 countries, including Hong Kong and Iceland, have removed the marriage penalty," Mr. Williamson said.

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raven4ns said...

Who says the Government has to keep spending and taxing without recourse from it's citizens. Putting politicians in charge of our finances is akin to having the fox in charge of the chicken coop. The $10Billion surplus is our money, yours and mine and I for one don't want them to have 1 red cent of my money to squander.
How about paying down the debt they created by making promises with our money. If we ran our households the way they run the country's finances we would be bankrupt. Can you imagine going to your employer and telling him that you spent too much last year so YOU are going to raise YOUR salary to make up for the short fall? Oh and bye the way you will need additional money to pay for new expenses you are going to create this year, YEAH RIGHT!!!!
I don't want the government making decisions on how best to spend MY money. What we need is not a balanced budget to be applauded as though they found the Holy Grail but Less Taxes, Less Spending, Less Government and ELIMINATION of the National debt.

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