Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gas Tax Honesty Campaign Rocks Canada

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation's 10th Annual Gas Tax Honesty Campaign was a tremendous success. In nine cities, from Vancouver to Halifax, the media and motorists were there. See the report here and the news release here. Sign our federal petition here.

John Williamson, Federal Director, was in Halifax and Fredericton

As seen below on CP video, a CP article, and May 14 Global National (starting at 15:18).

The Daily Gleaner tells us Williamson made a motorist happy in Fredericton.

Adam Taylor, Federal Research Director, in Ottawa

Adam featured in the clips and stories above, as well as the CTV online article and video.

Kevin Gaudet, Ontario Director, in Toronto

As seen on this segment of Mike Duffy Live. Starting at 2:55, Kevin explains the CTF position and why oil companies won't raise their prices if taxes are lowered.

City News video/ article. A phone-in poll showed 922 to 163 support for a reduction of gas taxes.
Global Ontario
CTV Toronto. A scientific poll showed 57% of Canadians want gas tax relief.
Lake Superior News
Ontario news release

Colin Craig, Manitoba Director, in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Sun
Manitoba Press Release

Lee Harding, Saskatchewan Director, in Regina and Saskatoon

(Saskatoon Star Phoenix photo)
Newstalk radio 650/980
Saskatchewan News Release

Scott Hennig, Alberta Director, in Calgary

Calgary Sun
Lethbridge Herald
Calgary Metro News
Global Edmonton
660 News
680 News
AM 770

Maureen Bader, British Columbia Director, in Vancouver

News 1130
The Province
Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Metro


KC said...

Please stop doing this counter productive action. Lower the tax will only encourage people to drive and consume more gasoline. The only beneficial party in your action will be the oil and gas industry.

Scott Hennig said...

Higher prices have not stopped people from driving either. In Canada, gasoline is an inelastic commodity. Every year the price goes up and every year people buy more and more gas.

Lowering the taxes will help Canadians.

KC said...

Lower tax or giving the money back to people are temporary solution. Money can be spent in a more efficient way.

For a sustainable and long term solution, gasoline tax should be increased to fund and accelerate the pace of alternative fuel research projects.

Scott Hennig said...

Why is it the governments job to to fund research into alternative fuels?

If someone invented a cheap alternative to gasoline (that didn't involve starving the world's poor), I think they would probably make quite a bit of money.

KC said...

Its not their job specify, but rather something they could do to reduce the cost of fuel for driver.

Scott Hennig said...

Well, at least we agree on wanting cheaper fuel for Canadians.

KC said...

So I assume you and your organization do some monitor on how the government spent the tax payer's money.

Do you have other solution to this matter? ie, other than giving money back.

nbt said...

I used to think ethanol was a great global solution. But as I see it now, it's just a band aid on a 12 inch other words, your heart is in the right place, but the end result is suspect.

Though it may lead to more awarness (of the biofuel industry), if you know what I mean,

Scott Hennig said...

I'm not sure I understand the question, but yes we do monitor what the government does with the gas tax money.

We outline it in the Gas Tax report that we put out yesterday. It can be found on our main website:

KC said...

I am not saying to fund biofuel or hydrogen fuel cell researchs .

They already got a lot of money from the oil and gas industry.

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