Friday, May 09, 2008

Carbon Taxes: For and Against

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion is floating the idea of introducing carbon taxes. Green Leader Elizabeth May, a friend of Dion, supports the idea. However, it is opposed by the NDP and Conservatives.

"We don't see that as the way to go," he [NDP leader Jack Layton] said. "We don't see putting a charge on the backs of individual Canadians through taxes as the way to go."

Mr. Layton said forcing big polluters to pay is the most effective and rapid way to bring down the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere....

Another Tory told the House of Commons that Mr. Dion will be in for a tough summer.

"We have learned that he plans to tour the country attempting to convince Canadians his new massive gas tax is a good idea," said Mervin Tweed. "With gas prices estimated at being the highest they have ever been this summer, that is going to take a lot of explaining."

Indeed, some Liberals are nervous at the prospect, arguing that the proposal needs to be unveiled well before an election because it is so technical.

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Wolfman Brad said...

Lee, I've noticed your posts are devoid of any kind of commentary. You could at least tell us the position of the CTF instead of making us infer it. Quite frankly, if I want the news, I'll read the Globe and Mail.

But it must KILL you to be on the same side of an issue as the NDP! Why don't you tell them they got it right for a change?

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