Friday, May 16, 2008

Ban Stupid Senators Not the NFL in Canada

Unelected and unaccountable Liberal Senator Larry Campbell plans to introduce a bill in the Senate banning the NFL from coming to Canada. As if, somehow, professional football is the responsibility of the federal government. Oh right, it isn't. But an unelected senator won't let that stop him poking his nose around the league anyhow.

The Buffalo Bills have arranged through Rogers Sports to play 8 games in Toronto over the next five years. Doom predictors like Campbell imagine this is the death knell of the CFL. It won't be. One only need look to the maniacal and rapid love of the game across the country to see that. And even if did signal the death knell, why are tax dollars being wasted by unelected and unaccountable senators looking into bone-headed ways to impose themselves in the football industry.

He should spend more time worrying about how to stop wasteful spending so there is more money for tax relief to give to businesses (including football teams) and to individuals so that families can afford to attend more games.

Next thing you know, he will be suggesting the government buy and Nationalize the CFL.

Someone should use Senator Campbell as a tackling dummy to knock some sense into him.

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