Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Sask Severance Scandal?

The Sask Party questions whether the former NDP government should not have given their former Chief of Staff Jim Fodey $131,000 in taxpayer-funded severance.

"The rules of the Legislative Assembly clearly state that you are only entitled to severance if you are dismissed without cause," D'Autremont said. "So in order to trigger a severance payment, the NDP must have sent the Legislative Assembly Office a letter stating Mr. Fodey was dismissed without cause."

"This simply doesn't square with any of their public statements, so today, I am calling on Lorne Calvert to clear the air by releasing that letter," D'Autremont said.

As the Sask Party explains it,
Fodey stepped down last year for providing "incomplete" information to the public and ousted Moose Jaw North MLA Glen Hagel on how the NDP Fraud Scandal was handled. Fodey and Hagel received a letter in 1992 from a former NDP caucus staffer in which she confessed to altering cheques by about $6,000.

After a concerned citizen gave that letter to your SaskParty MLAs, and we went public with it, Fodey told reporters he went to the police with the information in 1992. Regina Police held an emergency news conference on a Friday night to say that they in fact had not received the letter until 1994.

Charges were dropped against Hagel. But NDP questions about who the police informant was, and Sask Party questions about whether this severance was proper or not have made this a story that refuses to die.

Regardless of the circumstances, this money will be hard to recoup. Last year, former civil servant Murdoch Carriere received $275,000 two weeks after being convincted of assault charges. Moreover, the NDP won't repay $1.3 million in misuse of the health budget on advertising in the lead-up to the election.

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