Tuesday, May 27, 2008

35% raise not enough for Sask nurses

The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses has just turned down a 35% raise over four years from their employer, the Saskatcheawn Association of Health Organizations.

The latest offer SAHO tabled carries a total price tag of close to $600 million. A general duty nurse at the top step currently makes a base salary of $64,232. Under this proposal, that nurse would see his or her salary increase to $86,624. A 20-year nurse would see his or her salary rise to $88,359.

SAHO already pays $1.5 billion annually in payroll to various unions, SUN being one of them. Many other public sector unions, including some that work for SAHO, are waiting to see how this one pans out. The hefty taxpayer bill is only beginning.

Next door in Manitoba, nurses only received raises of ten percent over two years--ones that were already paid less than those in Saskatchewan.

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