Wednesday, May 21, 2008

32,000 Scientists Dispute Global Warming

For every political, quasi-scentific world gathering trying to invoke doomsday scenarios and draconian environmental measures, there's been another conscienscious group of scientists dissenting. As Lawrence Solomon of the Financial Post explains, the dissenters number at least 32,000. Perhaps that's why a recent Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated "natural factors ... not human sources are behind global warming."

Elsewhere, renewed efforts to establish a new Kyoto accord foster a lose-lose situation for the West.

As a result of promoting environmental alarmism, Western governments find themselves trapped in a perilous, yet largely self-constructed catch. As long as climate change is elevated as the principal liability of industrial countries, as long as Western CO2 emissions are blamed for exacerbating natural disasters, death and destruction around the globe, green pressure groups and officials from the developing world will continue to insist that the West is liable to recompense its exorbitant carbon debt by way of wealth transfer and financial compensation.

Yet this is highly unlikely to happen. Attempts to punish developing countries by introducing carbon tariffs, on the other hand, would only create more fury and resentment. Ultimately, there is now a growing risk that the whole global-warming scare is creating more anti-Western hostility and further loss of influence on the international stage.


countrytown said...

Its amazing what stupid people can achieve if you get enough of them together.
My biggest beef about "global warming" is that it took the focus off environmental pollution and eco-system degradation and destruction.
But the powers that be have hopped onto that cash cow and good luck getting them off it now.
We need to look at Brazil and how they freed themselves from oil dependency.

Anonymous said...

Sit down and take a look around now imagine nothing which is what you would have without this monster 👾 oil

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