Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Three Big Brothers Gruff - Orwell, McGuinty and Miller

Increasingly governments and their agencies are spending time and money establishing rules of conduct, behaviour and comportment through legislative means. This simply is government acting as Big Brother to crush freedom of expression in modern society. It comes at the expense of taxpayers and the expense of free will.

Here are only a few examples of the latest items that are being made criminal acts, banned or subject to fine:
Driving while talking on a cell phone;
Smoking in a car with a child in it;
The ownership of handguns;
The use of trans fats in foods; and
Speech deemed to be offensive is already banned thanks to Orwellian Human Rights rules.

I don't' think some of these behaviours are wise but members of society ought to be free to make these choices for themselves not to have them dictated by Big Brother.

Big Brother is even undermining the freedom to hold contrary opinions. For example, regarding the question of global warming and government efforts to address this alleged problem, they brook no disagreement. Those who question whether there is such a phenomenon or whether government spending trillions to address it are not just disagreed with, they are more than ridiculed. Big Brother labels those who disagree as 'global warming deniers' raising the spectre of 'holocaust deniers' and 'hate mongers' like Ernst Zundel and his ilk. Talk about a conversation ending ad hominem!

Ironically, today's workers in the Ministry of Truth imposing the will of Big Brother are the same people who opposed the so-called 'patriarchy' and its imposition of its 'world view' on society because it was harmful and hampered freedom. However, now that freedom deniers - like Ontario Premier McGuinty and Toronto Mayor Miller - have the reigns of power they seek to use their unfettered powers to impose their will on all - because they think they know best what is good for all.

Resistance is futile and will be crushed.

Government has lost its focus on the improvement of core government services; police, fire, roads, water, electricity, health care, environment, spending control, tax simplicity, government transparency, and accountability.

"Thought crime does not entail death. Thought crime is death." We are increasingly sent to Room 101, just more insidiously than in Orwell's 1984

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