Friday, April 18, 2008

Lorne Gunter on Global Warming

To top off the Canadian Taxpayers Federation's annual meeting in Regina, Lorne Gunter gave a 40-minute address on global warming. The entertaining speech was easy to understand and filled with commonsense reasons why prevailing views on global warming, and governments' responses to them, deserves some sober second thought. The full video may be seen below.

Part I is embedded below.

Click here for Part 2. Gunter sets out the three questions of his address: 1) Is bizarre weather occurring? 2) Is man the cause of that? 3) If it’s happening and we’re causing it, will it be harmful? Gunter notes that hot weather today is inevitably blamed on global warming, despite the fact such temperatures have been reached in the past, obviously for other reasons. As well, carbon dioxide is a very small part of the earth’s atmosphere.

Click here for Part 3. Gunter illustrates how small the percentage of carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere. As well, the world’s oceans have not displayed global warming.

Click here for Part 4. Computer models are the only place where global warming can be demonstrated. However, the models fall very short. As well, media hype now tends to attribute all unusual weather to global warming, whether appropriate or not.

Click here for Part 5. Gunter tells of a scientist that once predicted global warming would produce hurricanes, but has recanted after receiving more data. Gunter notes that after recent cooling trends, popular wording has been conveniently changed from "global warming" to "climate change." Gunter believes that climate change will be remembered like Y2K--much ado about nothing. More certainly, the science behind global warming is far too questionable to warrant the burdens on our lifestyles and economy forced by policy makers.


Wolfman Brad said...

Hi Lee. I'm glad you guys got an expert in climate change and environmental issues to speak on climate change and environmental issues at your meeting instead of just some right-wing Conservative shill. Keep up the good work!

Lee Harding said...

The wolfman wasn't available.

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