Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Jan Harder Costs the Most!

Today's Ottawa Sun reveals that so-called Tax-Fighter Jan Harder of Ottawa City Council is council's top spender when it comes to office budgets.

Councillor Harder spent $36,085, just $4 less than the total allowable maximum of $36,089.

This is the same councillor who runs paid ads bragging that she is "costing you less" as a council representative.

That Councillor Harder would brag that she "costs less" when in facts she costs the most should come as no surprise. This is the same individual who calls herself a taxfighter, denied it, and then pushed the largest tax increase in amalgamated Ottawa's history.

In fact, this led us to recently nominate Councillor Harder for a CTF Teddy in the municipal category for "Talent in Talking Out of both Side's of One's Mouth."

Indeed, a talent on display yet again!

Read her nomination here.

Remind you of anyone?


NB taxpayer said...

Ha! Ha! Jan Harder. Known in Nepean-Carleton political circles as the municipal candidate that backed both Pratt and Green at the same time. Classy.

Solange said...

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