Monday, April 28, 2008

End TTC Monopoly

In response to the last-minute city-crippling strike Friday night by Toronto's Transit union, there are wide-spread calls to designate the TTC an 'essential service'. While this will preclude transit stoppages due to strikes, it fails to address the needs to put an end the TTC monopoly. The TTC is owned by taxpayers not the union and it is time that quality of service and reasonable costs trump union demands.

The union has a monopoly on labour and the city has a monopoly on the service while taxpayers have a monopoly on frustration.

Costs for the TTC have grown rapidly while service has declined. This is a direct result of the failure of the city to require the adoption of private-sector measures like those used in; Copenhagen, Perth, Goteborg, London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Adelaide, Helsinki, San Diego, Stockholm, Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. In these cities there has been competitive tendering for routes. Service has improved and costs have declined.


David said...

Good luck boys.

Kirk West said...

Andrew Coyne and John Robson has said as much before.

I've often thought that private companies could offer transportation to their own employees as a perk. Offer internet service on luxury coaches and large companies could get tax deductions as well as a workforce that can use commuting time much more productively.

A happier workforce is also a more loyal workforce.

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