Thursday, April 17, 2008

Did Mississauga Mayor and Councilor Dupe Taxpayers?

Mississauga city council has decided to back off its controversial 5% infrastructure surtax applied to property taxes on top of the 3.9% property tax hike (already twice the rate of inflation) it imposed. Sadly, backing off only means dropping the surtax down to 1%.

Local councilor, Carolyn Parrish (of American-bashing renown) was quoted in today's Nation Post saying, "It was a little bit of politics from us to get people’s attention". Mayor Hazel McCallion's comments make it unclear whether or not it was all a game but she says she sees the benefits of having scared everyone.

Let's get this straight. Either council raised a tax and is lowering it in some kind of calculated PR stunt or Parrish is lying to try to make herself look like some kind of Machiavellian strategist. Either she is lying or admitting to purposely scaring seniors on fixed incomes.

If she is to be taken at her word then council struck substantial fear into the hearts of seniors and home-owners on fixed incomes in some peculiar effort to make a point about infrastructure funding. If she is not to be believed, then, well, she is just another politician flapping her gums, issuing hot airs and lies.

Which is it, Ms. Parrish? Taxpayers have a right to know. Mayor McCallion should come clean and make it clear whether this was a planned stunt all along.

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