Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool$

As it is in many provinces, April 1 means a pay raise for Saskatchewan MLAs. Although the basic indemnity has increased to $84,409, fully 44 of 57 MLAs qualify for extra pay due to additional duties. This means the actual average wage is over $104,000. (NOTE: the Sask Party government arbitrarily decided not to pay their seven legislative secretaries the $12,500 they would have received, dropping the number of topped-up MLAs to 37 and the overall average pay to $102,000.) In the past two years, the basic indemnity for MLAs has grown by 15 percent, and the transition allowance (severance pay) has grown by a whopping 30 percent. Click here to see what the new wages are and a chart with each MLA's salary.

As MLA wages have increased, so has that of their ministerial staff and executive council. The salaries of ministerial staff is about $61,000 on average, almost $10,000 more than the previous government just last fall. Higher pay for some positions in executive council has hiked the average salary there to $74,600.

And the 15,000 Saskatchewan civil servants make an average of almost $54,000, far above the general provincial average of $38,800. Yet, public sector unions are already seizing on MLA raises to get similar pay hikes for their own members. Taxpayer beware!

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