Monday, March 17, 2008

Protect Your Wallet, McGuinty is Back

The Ontario Legislature resumes sitting today and taxpayers may want to grab their wallets before the government reaches into them once again.

Since having been elected last Fall, the government has not been busy in any meaningful way. McGuinty announced; a tax credit for bike helmets, a new provincial holiday, a small capital tax reduction, and plans to ban smoking in cars with kids.

What should Ontarions expect? Other than more spending, not much. McGuinty has promised more money for schools, more money for health care, more money to fight poverty, more money to create jobs, and more money for aboriginals. All to say, he promises more of the same old, same old.

Sadly the opposition is small with only 26 PC seats (and an unelected and embattled leader in John Tory)and 10 NDP (leader Hampton is also under fire). Taxpayers should expect a rough ride ahead with the budget next Tuesday.

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