Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rest of Canada on Hook for Ontario Standoff costs - $76 million and counting

The Rest of Canada is paying a heavy price for Ontario's failure to end the standoff in Caledonia and the Premier wants the rest of Canada to pay even more.

The province of Ontario has recently stated costs for the Caledonia land dispute with the Six Nations have cost $50 million PLUS $26 million from the feds totaling $76 million and no end in site. Click here to see a Toronto Sun article with Dalton McGuinty seeking more money from the federal government. Of course, this means he wants taxpayers from all across Canada to pay for his failure to end the standoff.

So far, the feds have kicked in $26 million to help pay for things like compensation to businesses and residents, costs for policing and repairs to damaged civil infrastructure. Despite this, Premier McGuinty says he'll be asking the feds for even more support!

Why are taxpayers from outside of Ontario on the hook for this? Because McGuinty and the OPP refuse to enforce the rule of law and end the illegal occuaption of the Douglas Creek Estates.

The feds have made two offers so far to the Six Nations and are still waiting for a response. In the meantime costs escalate due to McGuinty's failure to act and taxpayers from across Canada are increasingly on the hook.

Federal Minister Strahl should turn off the taps and tell McGuinty not a penny more!

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