Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ontario Healthcare Missions of Hope Too Expensive?!

Ontario Health Care Minister Smitherman's Press Secretary has said that Ontario can't afford to pay for everyone's health care mission of hope. She was referring to the case of Ms. de Vries who sought treatment in the US for a tumour she couldn't get treated in Ontario. She paid $60,000 and the government won't pay her back.

Smitherman should explain the position of the government on this. His office thinks it is too expensive to keep people alive. In order to keep the budget down, I guess his Press Secretary would prefer people just die on a waiting list in Ontario.

They should provide means of quality and timely health care instead of protecting at all costs the farce that is the myth of Canadian Public Health Care.

Perhaps the reason for the Health Minister digging in his heals is that the number of people getting treatment in the US has tripled in the last few years as reported today in the Globe and Mail.

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Mike Honey said...

I can certainly relate to this frustration. Three years ago my wife had developed a chronic and painful case of gall stones and needed her gallbladder removed. We waited for over four months listening to the same old excuses: budget cuts, non life threatening, etc. By this time she had lost alot of weight because for four months she lived on jello, chicken broth, and pain killers. After five months I had enough, so after the monthly excuse-fest with the doctor, I asked for a referral to the SUNY Hospital in Syracuse, NY.

Oddly enough the surgery was performed within three days after that. It's almost as if they wanted to test out tolerance for pain.

I agree with you that Canadian Health Care has become a myth and although I have noted certain improvements over the past couple of years it is still overought with bureaucracy and utopian political ideology.

It's time for the Ontario government to get real! Either provide the care necessary or get out of the way of people and organizations who can.

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