Monday, March 24, 2008

Money For Everything But Democracy

Editorials in Toronto help demonstrate why Ontarions have had it tough for a few years with no prospect of it getting better soon. The budget comes down tomorrow and two of the main rags in town want more spending on everything.

Despite the Ontario economy going in the tank, The Toronto Star is calling for more spending to reduce 'so-called' poverty, more spending on welfare, more money for cities, more money for manufacturing, and more for infrastructure. They even have an opinion editorial today calling for higher taxes!

Ironically the Star also has an editorial today calling on the Toronto Catholic District School Board to save $1 million by avoiding a by-election and appointing a replacement for Trustee Chrisinte Nunziata (of expense account abuse fame) who was punted from the board for missing four meetings.

More Billions for socialist programs? Yes, they say. But spend $1 million on democracy. No way, they say!

This insanity isn't limited to the Star. Even the Toronto Sun is calling for more spending. They want Ontario and Canadian taxpayers to bid on the 2015 Pam Am games. A bid only costs $5 million they say. Fair enough. Of course, if they win, that is followed by a $2 billion bill to host them.

At at a time when the economy is dangerously close to recession some spending sanity is required. With calls from editorial leaders of the left and right calling for more spending, taxpayers may be in big trouble tomorrow on budget day.

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NB taxpayer said...

Good post, Kevin. What's even more telling is the oppositions "pre-budget dissenting report" which dedicates about a quarter of the report to cutting taxes. Too bad Tory didn't think of doing that during the last election.

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