Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gord Bucks for BC, but only 100 of them

BC has the first official "revenue neutral" carbon tax in North America. No wonder we're known as the left coast. Soon, it will be the loony left coast, but I digress ...

To keep the squealing about the new carbon tax to a minimum, the government is bribing us with a $100 cheque.

Why the bribe? For starters, the budget rejected the main recommendation of the legislature's pre-budget consultation committee. A group of MLAs from both parties found that input from 5,800 British Columbians identified a growing economy and debt reduction as priorities, ahead of climate change spending. We got climate change spending.

In an effort to stop any grass-root objections to the carbon tax – especially when gasoline prices may top $1.50 per litre this summer – the government is giving every person in B.C. a one-time payoff of $100. These "Gord Bucks" are like the "Ralph Bucks" handed out in Alberta, except Albertans got 400 of them!

Of course, sending our own tax dollars back to ourselves costs even more tax dollars. We can expect to pay about $8.2 million to mail out the $100 cheques.

Ignoring us then buying us off is a bad way to head into the next election.

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