Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Good Riddance

This past Monday, the Toronto Catholic District School Board voted to remove Trustee Christine Nunziata.
Nunziata, an 11-year veteran had come under fire recently for alleged abuse of tax dollars after it was discovered she had repeatedly used her $18,000 expense account for food, booze, coffee, and a trip to the Dominican Republic.

But that is not what forced the hand of the school board. What did her in was her missing 4 straight meetings - apparently a no-no under their rules.

No doubt, the CTF's criticisms in several media stories played a role. Another victory for us and for all who oppose abuse of public money.

Let this be a lesson to all public office-holders at all levels of government: When you abuse tax dollars you will incur the wrath of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation!

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