Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Federal Budget: CTF vs CCPA

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation and Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives put forth two very different visions for the federal budget.

In an interesting episode of John Gormley Live, CCPA economist Armine Yalnizyan seemed to argue against herself. At first, she said paying off $10 billion of the federal debt this year put us on pace to eliminate it all in 45 years, so why bother. Neither would you pay it off "super-fast" when the house was leaking. When asked if a 45 year mortgage on a house was wise, she said, yes, if it was worth inheriting. She further said that $6 billion in the hands of taxpayers wouldn't do much, but $6 billion in government's hands could solve the problem of affordable housing. (Does anyone think the begging would end there?) The CCPA also wants a higher GST, greater taxes on the rich, plus carbon taxes.
By contrast, CTF Federal Director John Williamson called for spending restraint and opposed carbon taxes.

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