Friday, February 29, 2008

Did David Duke donate $500 to Edmonton city council candidate?

According to the 2007 Edmonton election financial disclosure form filed by Ward 4 candidate, Adil Pirbhai, "David Duke K.K.K" donated $500 to his election campaign.

Check out the form HERE (page 2).

Mr. Pirbhai was the last candidate to file his financial disclosure form, and only did so after being hounded to do so by City of Edmonton staff. Read more HERE.

Obviously, Mr. Pirbhai (pictured below) never received a donation from the former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan.

So, what's Mr. Pirbhai trying to pull?

  • Did he do this because he thought it would be funny to suggest David Duke would donate money to a visible minority?
  • Is he upset he had to file these forms and when threatened with a whopping $100 fine he decided to intentionally make a mockery of his disclosure forms?
  • Is he trying to make a point about some racial barriers he has had to overcome when running for office?
  • Or, is he trying to draw attention to the lack of pre-election disclosure of campaign contributors by suggesting that someone as distasteful as David Duke could make a campaign contribution to a candidate running for city council and nobody would know about it until 100 days after people cast their ballots and nearly 1,000 days before they get another chance?

I don't know, but I hope it's the latter.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation attempted to get all candidates to disclose their campaign contributors before the vote, and a few of them did.

But far too few.

Until either our provincial or municipal governments understand that this is vital information that the public should have before they vote, candidates will continue to get away with hiding who is financing their campaigns until well after the election, when few voters care.

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