Friday, February 22, 2008

Another Liberal MP Bashes USA

Carolyn Parish, has a new twin in her American bashing. Remember her as a Liberal MP saying she hates 'those dumb American bastards'. Well, Maria Minna, Liberal MP for Beaches-East York, shamelessly bashes America in her latest householder mailout now landing in her Toronto constituents' mailboxes.

While she is trying to criticize Prime Minister Harper, she can't seem to do it without accusing him of the most heinous crime a Canadian Liberal can muster - basically accusing him of liking things American.

She apparently quotes a 1997 Harper speech deliverd in the US: 'America, and particularly your conservative movement, is a light and an inspiration to people in this country [Canada] and across the world'. She follows this quotation with America bashing when she writes "That's not the way I see it. Canada has absolutely nothing to learn from the US model." Earlier in the piece she 'accuses' Harper of "moving Canada ever closer to a hard-right Republican style of government".

Minna is entitled to criticize Harper. However, America bashing at the same time she is using taxpayer-funded householders is the problem. Why is it that the Liberals are so argumentatively bankrupt that they resort to name-calling like this? More importantly, why is it that she and her ilk think America is so bad.

For the record, let me disclose my bias: I love America. I love Canada too, and I live in Minna's riding. Canada and the US are great allies. The US is our largest trading partner. America provides us with beneficial military cover by virtue of being our neighbour. America has lower taxes and higher productivity. America has a more can-do attitude.

These are good things that we may learn from America. Minna, America bash on your own dime.

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