Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wage disparity in Sask Civil Service?

Through Freedom of Information, the CTF recently did a reality check on the salaries and severance of top ranking civil serants in Saskatchewan. We confirmed the Sask Party government's assertion that they are paying roughly the same amount in total salaries for ministerial staff as their NDP predecessors. The NDP paid 97 people in 20 departments $5 million, whereas the Sask Party paid 77 people in 17 departments about $4.7 million. The average salaries were almost $62,000 for the Sask Party, but only $52,000 under the NDP. (Click here for the lists.)

The advantage of this disclosure is that citizens can find things others may never have thought to look for. Sharon Vanhouwe of CJWW radio in Saaskatoon found a large disparity between what men and women were being paid in the current executive council. Excluding one person (whose gender could not be concluded based on the name), she calculated that on average, the women were being paid $61,109, the men $117,739. The mean numbers presented an even bigger gap, with the women earning $48,972 and the men earning $115,200.

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