Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Taxpayers Pay for Trustees' Wedding in Caribbean

The Toronto Sun has reported details of the most obvious gross breach of public trust and abuse of the public purse seen in a while. To read about it click here. It reminds one of David Dingwall and his 'I am entitled to my entitlements' speech.

Toronto District School Board Trustee, Christine Nunziata, used her Board credit card to pay for things like a trip to the Caribbean, lingerie, jewelry, and a coffee and danish a day. She refused to pay them back and refused to respond to queries from the Auditor at first. She is reported to have paid some back but not all.

She should be dumped and criminally investigated for theft or fraud.

The chair of the Board is saying that this is being taken out of context and that no money is being taken away from education; just more evidence these elected officials don't get it. When publicly funded and/or elected groups waste money there is less availabe to go towards necessary spending and taxes stay higher than they otherwise would.

If these trustees were in the private sector they would be fired and prosecuted.

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