Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ontario pays for Saskatchewan Party

While Estevan, Saskatchewan gears up to celebrate Flick-fest, a "national carbon neutral music festival," Ontario taxpayers are flicked-off. They paid $500,000 to the Flick-Off organization that sponsors the festival. The first ever Flick-fest, to be held this summer, will be so far away only a handful of Ontarians will enjoy it.

The campaign was already controversial in itself, as the video below demonstrates. Profane rebellion meets party activism.


Tamara said...

Come on Lee. This is news?!?

Climate change is a global issue, and if the Ontario government chose to invest $500,000 to reduce climate change, good for them. There was no commitment that the concert would be in Ontario, and why should it be? This money was well spent to promote a valuable cause.

The Flick Off campaign might be controversial, but that is why it is so good. The campaign was aimed at young people not only with the name, but with the chance to win a concert in your town. If the name gets people talking, and entering, and flicking lights off, and reducing global warming, why would you change it?

Kevin Gaudet said...

We would scrap it because concerts don't clean up the environment and Ontario taxpayes should not be paying for Saskatchewan music festivals.

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