Friday, January 25, 2008

Investigate Trustee for Fraud

The front page of the Toronto Sun today is carrying a story about the CTF calling for a criminal investigation into Toronto Catholic District School Board Trustee Christine Nunziata and her expenses.

For years she has had very questionable expenses that merit a criminal investigation for fraud.

In 2004 she took a trip to the Dominican Republic at taxpayer expense during which she got married. Nunziata claims this as an 'education expense'. She alleges she was investigating some kind of partnership with their school system or something.

Last September on a trip to the Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos (which, it seems, she paid for out of her own pocket this time) Nunziata used her Board cell phone racking up over $800 in long distance charges at taxpayer expense.

In October, she was asked about this charge by the audit committee. So far she has refused to pay it back and has ignored requests to explain it.

Enough is enough already. This kind of practice in the private sector would be met with harsh discipline, likely including prosecution. It is high time she be held accountable for abusing the public purse.

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Tanya Cleary-De Santis said...

I totally agree - it's about time this waste of space is punished for her actions! I hope her constituents start working to have her removed from her duties!! Thank you for bringing this to light!

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