Monday, December 03, 2007

Saskatchewan businesses want income tax cuts

In Saskatchewan Business Magazine, Regina-based oil executive Craig Lothian believes only one thing could stop the momentum of the oil and gas industry in Saskatchewan. He says, "It's not about the resource. It's not about access to capital. The only thing we need to do still is improve the gap between personal tax rates with Alberta."

The Regina Chamber of Commerce agrees. A recent mini-survey of its members received the following answers:

"What provincial tax initiative would have the most positive impact on your business?"

38% Broad-based personal income tax reduction
19% Corporate tax reduction
19% Reduction in education portion of property tax
11% Sales Tax Reduction
10% Harmonized Sales Tax

"What is the most important economic issue that the next provincial government eneds to aggressively tackle during the first year of office?"

38% Labour shortage
19% Labour legislation, regulations, and policy
14% Government competition with the private sector
12% Private sector investment
8% Grow the population
6% Transportation infrastructure

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NB taxpayer said...

I think the time is right for a flat tax in Saskatchewan (right government...right business climate).

I guess the only thing from keeping it from being introduced in the legislature and written into law is the CTF hitting the pavement running and campaigning in a favour of it.

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