Friday, December 14, 2007

Keep the Sheaf, not the Ski Hill

Some good, some bad from the Saskatchewan government this week. The proposal to change the government logo has gone over like a lead balloon. Polls and call-in shows overwhelmingly support keeping the government logo as it is. Saskatchewan people like the logo and rightly discern that money could be better spent changing the PROVINCE in other ways.

However, the Sask Party made a good announcement just today. Unlike the last government, it's not going to run a Saskatoon ski hill for two months at a cost of $900,000! As its press release explains,

The ski hill at Blackstrap Provincial Park will not be opening for the 2007-2008 winter season because operating the ski hill would have required significant subsidization by the provincial government.

"Although the Blackstrap ski hill will not be open for the 2007/08 season, we will continue to work on developing long-term options that will provide visitors with access to high-quality outdoor recreational activities without financial support from the province," Saskatchewan Parks Service Executive Director Syd Barber said.

Last winter, following many years of private sector operation, Blackstrap Provincial Park ski hill was operated under contract. This approach resulted in a cost of more than $900,000 to the provincial government. The ski hill was open for less than two months.

This move was common sense. But it's amazing how UNcommon that is when it comes to government spending when so many clamour for handouts. Even now the Blackstrap website says this: "Please help us convince the Government that opening Mt.Blackstrap this winter is important to the Saskatoon & area ski & snowboard community. You can help by phoning or emailing Minister Christine Tell at (306) 787-0354 or"

Instead, please tell the minister she did the right thing!


percyq said...

When Wall quits spending $400 million a year running Sask. farms, you'll really have something to talk about. As for this, big deal.

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