Monday, December 24, 2007

Governments Should be Grinchy and Enforce Contracts

Government should be Grinchy with taxpayer money when it comes to government contracts. They should pretend it is March when they are grumpy and should ignore warm and fuzzy feelings to be overly generous at Christmas because contracts should be honoured and overpayment should be recovered.

Some 32,000 Western Canadians were overpaid EI benefits according to the National Post, "About 32,000 people in western Canada receiving Employment Insurance benefits got back-to-back payments, because of a technical problem at the EI Computer Centre in Winnipeg. Some of the cheques and direct-deposit payments were for as much as $804."

This is money they were not entitle to and must pay back.

In Saskatchewan $5 million in government money was overpaid to health workers. Acording to the National Post, "Government documents say at least 620 workers were overpaid between 2003 and 2005 when the previous NDP government and health service provider unions were in the midst of a complex process to amalgamate 1,200 job descriptions across the province into about 270 roles."

Again, this is money to which the recipients were not entitled and it should be paid back.

If a bank accidentally put money in your account, the law says it is not yours. If your employer overpays you, the law says it is not yours. If the government accidentally overpays you, it is not yours.

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