Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fibber hits it big...

You all remember Fibber right? The CTF's "Honesty in Politics" mascot.

Well, Fibber's relentless work during the recent Ontario election reminding voters about Dalton McGuinty's fib about not raising taxes landed the CTF third place in the "Loyalist PR 2007 'Naughty & Nice List.' "

Post-graduate public relations students from Loyalist College (Belleville, Ontario) picked a top 10 and bottom 10 list from the past year of public relations, and said that the CTF hit #3 in the 'nice' list this year with Fibber.

From their blog:

3. Canadian Taxpayers Federation – Clever use of the organization’s “Fibber” mascot took the 2007 election trail by storm

Congrats Fibber!


Adam Taylor said...

I love Fibber! That is why I joined his Fan Club on Facebook!

LoyalistPR said...

We love Fibber too; he's an effective PR tool that sparked a great discussion in class. Keep up the great work!

Kerry Ramsay, Professor
Post-Graduate Public Relations
Loyalist College
Belleville, ON

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